10 Fat Loss Secrets


Fat Loss can be difficult. At times seemingly impossible! With the plethora of bad information out there it’s easy to understand why!

Here are 10 of the best, no bull, Time tested, research-proven methods to kick start your fat loss and keep it coming off!

1. Resistance Training is your Number One Priority!

Endlessly pedaling away on the treadmill and cutting back calories is a sure fire way to bring your metabolism to a screeching halt and send you body into a catabolic (muscle wasting) state. Get Underneath the iron to build muscle! This allows you to eat MORE and burn MORE which sends your metabolism through the roof and brings you closer to ripped abs!

2. Do a Few High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) Sessions every week

Sprint intervals, and Circuit style Training will boost your metabolic rate and increase muscle protein synthesis during periods of recovery. Evidence suggests that, for men, 30 seconds of all out intensity is best. Whereas, for women a slightly longer (60-90 seconds) at 90% of max effort is best.

Perform intervals separate from resistance training sessions either later on in the day or on a separate day.

3. Eat a HIGH Protein Diet

This will help your body preserve lean muscle tissue in the process of fat loss. Also, your body buns more calories turning protein into energy than it does carbs or fats. This is because of the phenomenon known as Thermogenisis.

4. Eat the correct amount of Carbs for Genetics

Everyone is different and has different response to carbohydrates in the diet. In very overweight individuals, try cycling high glycemic carbs every 5-7 days to improve insulin sensitivity.

5. Use Body fat Calipers instead of the Weight Scale

The goal is not to lose weight, but to sustain muscle mass and lose FAT. the only way to accurately measure your progress is to use body fat calipers or a more complex method like a DEXA scan.

6. Get enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep may be one of the most important things you can do to improve your fat loss results. Lack of sleep results in lower testosterone, growth hormone and decreased thyroid function as well as elevated cortisol(stress hormone). Hormone dysregulation will make fat loss impossible.

7. Emphasize the Importance of Pre, Intra(during), and Post Workout Nutrition

avoid high carb foods before training because they increase insulin and reduce motivation from causing a relaxed feeling in the body. try drinking Coffee 30 minutes before. the best time to eat high carb foods is after training. The insulin spike improves recovery from training and has an antioxidant effect on the body.
Use Whey protein post workout to improve insulin sensitivity, trigger protein synthesis and because its been shown to have the greatest thermic effect on the body compared to other protein sources.

8. Eat Natural Whole foods and Eliminate refined Processed foods

Eating processed/refined foods actually change the way your brain responds to hunger hormones especially when they are high in carbs or omega 6’s from vegetable oils. They actually activate the endocannabanoid receptors which are the same receptors in the brain that bind to the THC in marijuana. In short, refined and processed foods give you the munchies!

9. Reduce the Stress Hormone Cortisol

a few things help to balance out cortisol:

– eat frequent meals(ever 3-4 hours)
– Eat a lower carb, higher protein diet
– Meditation and mindfulness

10. Keep a Food Journal

Own up to what goes into your mouth. Very few people do this effectively but when they do the numbers can sometimes be surprising. This will help you get an honest grasp on what it is that could possibly be holding you back or what it is that is currently helping you. Without a food journal its all a shot in the dark.

Follow these 10 tips diligently and consistently and watch the fat melt off!

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