Pop A Squat!


Pop A squat and fill out those summer shorts with this Short but intense Leg Exercise centered around, you guessed it, SQUATS!
Squats are the holy grail of leg and booty building exercises. If your leg days don’t include at least some version of the squat then my guess is that your leg and glute development is lacking at best! No one likes a saggy butt! It’s Bad for your personal relationships and thus, bad for YOU! This particular Leg Session is SQUATS ONLY! Try this out and build yourself the SQUAT BOOTY you’ve always wanted!

A. (warm-up) Body weight Squats
1 “set” 100 reps X 2210 tempo(2 sec pause at the bottom)

note: Go just short of a full lockout here and try to do all 100 reps in 1 go.

B. Back Squats
4 sets X 8 reps(heels elevated 2″ on 10lb plates) X 40X0 Tempo, Use a shoulder width stance, toes point straight forward,
Step Forward off the plates and
8 reps X 40X0 Tempo, Use wide stance, toes pointed outward slightly

Rest 60 seconds between sets

C. Front Squats
Set 1: 20 reps, rest 30 seconds
Set 2: 15 reps, rest 45 seconds
Set 3: 8 reps, rest 60 seconds
Set 4: 8 reps, rest 45 seconds
Set 5: 15 reps, rest 30 seconds
Set 6: 20 reps
Note: Use a weight on each set that you can complete the reps outlined above. Go ass to the grass and don’t compromise form. It’s not about heavy weight here at all, trust me. The Insanely short rest periods are going to be tough to adhere to but stay strict!

C. – Dumbell Squats(heels elevated 2″ on 10lb plates)
10 reps, rest 20 seconds
9 reps, rest 20 seconds
8 reps, rest 20 seconds
7 reps, rest 20 seconds
6 reps, rest 20 seconds
5 reps, rest 10 seconds
4 reps, rest 10 seconds
3 reps, rest 5 seconds
2 reps, rest 3 seconds
1 rep

IF you’ve followed the rest periods to the T, then at this point you should be lying on the floor in utter agony questioning the meaning of your life! If not, then you probably slacked off the rest periods somewhere. Remember, this workout isn’t about the weight at all! Try your best and Grow those legs and BOOTY!

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