Pre Workout Nutrition for Size Gains


Pre Workout Nutrition for Size Gains

Anyone who’s been training in the gym consistently (6 months or longer) will tell you that not every workout is the BEST workout they’ve ever had. Some days they get a skin splitting, almost painful muscle pump, other days they feel like they’ve done nothing. Some days they’re strong, other days they can’t seem to get focused on the task at hand.

Trust me, I’ve been there myself.

But, I have great news!

A few simple alterations in your pre workout nutrition protocol can go a LONG way into optimizing your size gains/mental Focus/neural drive!

There are a few different ways to approach the pre workout nutrition window depending on what your goals are.

You can eat to eat to maximize the pump each time so that it feels like your muscles are so full of blood that they’re going to burst. Or, you can eat to ensure that your focus is razor sharp and you have incredible neural drive in almost every workout.

For the purpose of this article I’m going to focus on pre workout nutrition suggestions for ‘hypertrophy’, or gains in size ONLY. These recommendations would change if strength/neural drive is the main goal.

Okay let’s get to it!


For optimal gains in size, I find there are a couple of different approaches that are particularly effective for maximizing the results of my workouts:

The one I use most often is going no carb pre-workout.

Carbs can make you feel tired and lazy. We have all had that workout where we walk into the gym with zero focus and maybe even yawning! Not a favorable mental state to be in, especially if you are about to step underneath the bar for a heavy set of squats! Sluggishness pre-workout is often a result of serotonin spike from eating carbs pre-workout. Another benefit of no carbs pre-workout is that it allows for the natural Growth Hormone spike initiated with intense exercise. Eating Carbs pre-workout has been shown to suppress this.

Im going to show you two expamples of what your pre-workout meals could consist of. Example 1 is the protocol I use when my bodyfat is a little bit high (at 12% or above).

Pre-workout meal, Example 1:

5-6oz Chicken breast

1.5 oz Walnuts

1 cup of green veggies

1 cup of black coffee

Pre-workout, Example 2 is the Protocol I use when I am already very lean. If you tend to stay on the leaner side and have a hard time building muscle, the ‘slow’ carbs approach to pre-workout can be a great idea. Slow carbs like brown rice, veggies, whole grain oats, sweet potatoes etc. can provide just enough insulin activity to stop any muscle breakdown while increasing the pump you get. Again, this approach is best used for those in an already lean state. (10% body fat or less)

Pre-workout meal, Example 2:

5-6 oz Chicken Breast

1/4 cup Brown Rice

1 1/2 TBSP. All Natural Almond Butter(no hydrogenated oils)

These Simple nutritional tweaks have gone a LONG way towards optimizing my performance in the gym and helping me achieve the physique that I’ve built. I hope that they can do the same for you! Try this approach to Pre workout Nutrition and let me know how it works for you in the comments!

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