The Barbell Complex – Hardcore Fat Loss


What Are Barbell Complexes?

The Barbell Complex is a series of circuits, usually done with five to seven exercises in each. All of the exercises are done with a weighted barbell. Instead of doing three sets of each exercise as you would in a typical routine, you do one set of each exercise, without stopping, resting, or putting down the barbell. At the end of the circuit, you rest for ninety seconds to two-minutes and then start all over again. Most barbell complexes are over and done with in fifteen to 20 minutes minutes, but they’ll be some of the hardest minutes you’ve ever muscled your way through.

Why is The Barbell Complex So effective?

Barbell complexes do two things: They tax your lactic energy system and increase your EPOC (excess post-workout oxygen consumption). It combines the principles and results of high intensity interval training AND supersets.

Typical rest periods are absent in barbell complexes. You never put the barbell down or pause between exercises. One flows right into the next until you’ve done one complete circuit. The short rest between circuits gives your body a chance to replenish just enough oxygen before you move right on to the next circuit, but not enough that you can work aerobically for more than a few seconds once you start the next circuit.

How To Do It

This workout is very flexible. You can do it with any exercises you choose, as long as they are barbell moves and as long as one move can flow seamlessly into the next without pause.

Barbell complexes are done with one load throughout. You can’t change plates out between exercises, so you’re working with the same weight for several different exercises. Even advanced lifters will do barbell complexes with a 95-lb max weight, that’s including the barbell. And those guys will be dying by the end of the workout…

Finally, Here’s an example of a Barbell Complex for you to use on your quest to maximal leanness…

The Barbell Complex:

Exercise 1. Barbell Squats

Exercise 2. Bent Over Barbell Rows(pronated grip)

Exercise 3. Barbell Bench Press

Exercise 4. Barbell Push-Press

Exercise 5. Barbell Upright Rows

Use the same weight on every exercise, 25 reps on every exercise, No rest between moves, 90 seconds rest between each round, Perform 4 X Through or until you simply can not continue with decent form.

What’s Next

This is a grueling workout. It is not for the faint of heart and it is not for the true beginner. It is not an everyday workout, but something you can alternate in with your normal routine, use during a de-loading week or use during a cutting phase.

Because there are so many right ways (and wrong) ways to perform a barbell complex, you really need to have some supervision and guidance in the beginning. Without it, you’re probably not going to know how to maximize your results and you could very well overdo it.

If you don’t have a personal coach who understands barbell complexes, I would really encourage you to check out: . There’s no pressure but I would just love for those who haven’t experienced professional one-on-one training to be able to take advantage of that.

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