Beast Mode – Leg Thrashing!


Leg Thrashing

I am now in Phase 2 of my “improvement season” training program. I always try and implement program periodization into my training where it’s applicable. Coming right out of competition season, the initial 6 weeks of my off season training program has been all about getting the very most out of the very least. This allowed my body to recover after a grueling 23 week competition prep as well as getting my body primed and ready for the gradual increase of intensity that’s coming up.

Weeks 7-11 workouts are going to be a grueling, battle test of will. I want to give everyone an insight into what Leg Training looks like during this “intensification” phase.

Week 7 – Off-season Leg Thrashing

A. – Lying Leg Curls
3 “warm – up” sets X 12 reps X 4010 Tempo
4 “working” sets X 8 reps X 4010 Tempo

Note: 60 seconds rest between sets, On final working set perform a 4 X Drop-set(strive for a 25% decrease in weight with each drop) and top it all off with 25 Partials out of the bottom(6-8″ ROM).

B. – Safety Bar Squats with Chains
3 “warm-up” sets X 6 reps X 32X0 Tempo
4 “working” sets X 6 reps X 32X0 Tempo

Note: 90 seconds rest between sets. Warm-up to about 60% of your 10 rep Max, then Add 2 Chains per side. Add an additional chain per side after each working set until you lose explosiveness. That’s the key on this move. Get a solid 2 second pause at the bottom of each rep and EXPLODE upwards with authority.

~Giant “Destroyer” Set~
This Giant Set of 5 exercises is going to emphasize the quadriceps. You WILL feel nauseous, You WILL want to quit. but, if you persevere, you WILL grow!

Exercise 1. – 45 Degree Leg Press(Feet in the center of platform/shoulder width apart)
10 reps X 4040 Tempo
10 seconds rest

Exercise 2. – Banded Pendulum Press(Feet Wide/Low on platform)
10 reps X 3030 Tempo, (Use the Blue Bands)
10 seconds rest

Exercise 3. – Hack Squat(feet high/Wide on the platform)
8 reps X 4040 Tempo
10 seconds rest

Exercise 4. – Leg Extensions(toes pointed downward and outward)
15 reps X 20X2 Tempo(explode up and squeeze quads hard for 2 seconds at the contraction of each rep)
10 seconds rest

Exercise 5. – Dumbell Stiff Leg Deadlift(toes elevated on 10lb plates)
10 reps X 2310 tempo(keep a flat back and lats “tight” throughout movement, 3 second stretch at the bottom of each rep) ‘

90 seconds rest after each Round, then repeat. Perform this Giant “destroyer” Set 4 Times through.

~Final Words~

Pre -workout: Make sure you consume a well balanced meal with protein, a small amount of carbs, and some fats for your preworkout meal to provide you with enough energy for this massive undertaking.

Intra-Workout: Sip on BCAA’s, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, Bata-Alanine, Cittruline – Malate, Creatine, and Glutamine as your Intra-workout supplementation in between sets to aid in the recovery process and keep you going strong throughout this workout.

Post-workout: Have Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Creatine, Glutamine, CLA and CoQ10 immediately Post-workout to further boost recovery, limit muscle soreness, and Clear out lactic acid, cortisol, and other stress hormones from the body that would otherwise limit recovery. 45-60 minutes later, Have a LARGE meal high in protein, VERY high in carbs, and a 10-12 oz portion of green veggies. ( Eg. 8 oz Chicken breast, 12oz Quinoa, 1/2 Cup White rice, 10 oz Broccoli)

Remember, this is my personal approach to off-season training/nutrition and you may need to alter some things to fit your level of fitness, sensitivity to carbs, personal goals..etc.

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