How To Switch From a Paleo Diet, To Carbs and Not Become a Fat Ass


How To Switch From a Paleo Diet, To Carbs and Not Become a Fat Ass

How to introduce carbs back into your diet after a long period of minimal carb dieting without becoming a fat ass is often a tricky Subject. The Truth is, people want clear and defined answers but body composition improvement is not just a skill that needs to be learned and studied in books, but also something that requires experience and “feel”. There cannot be a one size fits all approach. This is why I don’t believe in the cookie cutter sample meal plans that I see a lot of diet coaches give their clients.

A one size fits all meal plan is like me giving you directions to the gym as if you were leaving from my house and not yours.

Albeit, there are of course some general guidelines that I usually advise people to follow when making the switch back to eating carbs. But first, I want to say that I have no problem with some people dieting on ultra low carbs. I have had a lot of personal success with this approach and with many of my personal training clients too. But, I try to always remember these 2 things when considering setting up some on on low carb dieting:

1. Low Carb intake doesn’t work for everyone. Most people feel pretty rough when they switch from running on carbs to running on protein and fat.


2. Always be careful not to fall into the bad habit of dropping carbs AND (good) fats at the same time. Doing that is setting yourself up for failure, as the energy intake will fall too low, you will starve, find the diet impossible to follow (not to mention the cascade of negative hormonal effects this causes).

So, to get to the point of this article.

I usually advise my clients to add carbs back into your diet in one of two ways:

1) Post workout, either as a high quality Carb Powder or Berries. This being with the idea to cause an anabolic response as quickly as possible post workout


2)For Dinner. My preferred option is a bowl of oatmeal. There’s nothing magical in oatmeal by the way. It’s just that it agrees with all but even the most grain intolerant. And, Most people find oats to be reasonably satiating, which helps people to achieve better quality sleep, especially following a period of lower carbohydrates and lower calories. If someone doesn’t like oatmeal they can have any complex carb that suits their digestion and eating habits the best.

As far as the exact timing of when to introduce carbs back into your diet, I’ll just say “it depends”. I always gauge it by gym performance, mood, physical results (how quick, how slow, are they stalled), sleep (we have a lot of stressed out personal training clients and putting a high cortisol producing person on very low carbs for too long will make sleep a nightmare and have them hating life), and of course overall compliance to the diet. The truth is, people who are NOT negatively effected by minimal carbs, who actually function BETTER, and look “better”, are rare exceptions. In other words, most people just need a balanced macro nutrient ratio.

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