5 Steps to Awaken The Power of Positivity


Fitness is part physical, part psychological. One could make a very convincing case that the psychological aspect of fitness vastly outweighs the physical part. Of course you’re probably not going to be able to go from couch potato to world class bodybuilder, regardless of mind over matter. I’m also not talking about achieving one-off miracles using the power of your brain, although I truly believe this does happen!
No, I’m talking about adopting a solid, consistent work ethic to achieve your goals 100% of the time. Naturally, I’m going to use bodybuilding as the primary example of how the power of positivity can for in your life. Why bodybuilding? Well, if you take a look at the schedules of those dedicated to body sculpting, the data will astound you. The hours and dedication they put in is nothing short of stunning. This is also one of the reasons why it’s dumb to say ‘ugh I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to end up bulky’, because it takes a ridiculous amount of highly targeted work to get there. You aren’t going to explode out of your t-shirt after a week of moderate free weights and protein shakes.
This dedicated mindset can come in very useful to successfully achieve your fitness goals as well as any other life goals you may have. Here are 5 tips on how to adopt it.

Step 1. Visualize your success
Wimbledon champion Andre Agassi was asked how he felt when he won the trophy, and he famously replied “I have already won Wimbledon at least 10,000 times before”. Of course he didn’t mean this literally – he was referring to the fact that he had visualized himself winning the trophy over and over again, and that helped him develop the belief and motivation he needed to actually win the trophy.
Now this might sound a bit cheesy and ‘self-helpy’, but it’s a technique that works and is used by almost anyone who is successful. Visualize your fit new body and all the perks that will come with it, your successful workouts and your delicious healthy meals and how good they make you feel. You won’t be sorry.

Step 2. Attack your targets with ferocity
Don’t be that one person at the gym, half-heartedly pedalling away at level 1 on the recumbant bike, while stalking a friend on their Instagram account. Fire on all cylinders and look to improve on your results every session. The human body is great at growth and adaptation, and the workout that used to leave you wheezing and breathless will soon become your warm-up routine. That is, as long as you look to constantly improve and never settle for ‘just enough to raise the old heart rate a little bit’.

Step 3. It’s all about quality, not quantity
By quantity, I am referring to the time you spend on workouts. 45 minutes of focused working out while giving it your all and smashing your goals and personal records is always going to be better than an hour and a half of casually switching between machines, talking with friends and focusing more on the TV than your workout.

Step 4. Don’t let failure derail your progress
All of us have those days when Everything seems harder than usual. Your legs ache more than usual on the bike. The only free cardio machine is that dodgy one that screeches like a teething child if you go over 1mph. Some inconsiderate jerks have scattered the free weights all over the lifting floor, and finding a matching pair is taking forever. Doesn’t matter anyway, the benches are all occupied.
Yes it’s one of those days where everything goes wrong and as a result, even with your best efforts, you haven’t come anywhere near to achieving your usual workout standard. Do you:
a) Get deflated and take it out on your body by picking up a bucket of KFC on the way home
b) Suck it up, realise that days like this are inevitable and look forward to acing your next session
Well which option do you think the most successful people in life choose?

and, Finally

Step 5. Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate
This point has already been stressed before, but it bears repeating again, and again. Your best ally in your workout is unwavering concentration. Focus on your cardio, your lifting sets and even the length of your rest periods. Remove all other distractions from your mind like work, social activity on your phone and the temptation to constantly chat with a workout buddy. Your workout is about you. This is your time, your hour where you will move one step closer towards making a better version of yourself.

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