How To Combat Over-Indulgence


We’ve all been there time and time again.

We’ve all Over-indulged, and we’ve most likely all felt terrible about it at one point or another.

One too many bottles of your favorite adult beverage, and you feel like junk the next day.
One pice of pie suddenly turns into eating the whole thing in one sitting, and you’re feeling full brunt of regret.
Taco Bell run after midnight with your friends? Sure, why not. You’ve been working hard. You deserve to feel good.

More times than I care to count, I’ve treated social situations as a legitamite reason to have an all out binge, only to wake up the next day feeling bloated, and disgusting.. Which is inevitably followed by several days of self restriction and punishment.

I know that it can be really frustrating to feel like you aren’t in control of your own cravings or how often/much you indulge.

It’s a really bad feeling to finally find a good daily flow and routine with your fitness regiment, only to feel like a total failure when you fall off track. It’s one of the toughest things you’ll deal with along your fitness journey to finally put and end to the cyclical – binge, punish yourself, restrict yourself, binge again and repeat – process.

Because let’s be honest’s not like you’re NEVER going to eat a pice of your favorite pie again, right?

It’s only human to desire to taste and sip delectable things. Becasue, realistically, constantly having to self restrict just simply sucks. I mean, you only have so much will power to resist, and then you’re right back in that negative pattern again. What we all want is to indulge without the reciprocating guilt that usually follows, right? Isn’t food meant to be enjoyed?

I want us all (and I am including myself here) to be able to work through this feeling of being ashamed after indulgence. Shamefulness is a wholly unproductive emotion that does not serve us in any capacity.

We can learn to both eat with our fitness goals in mind AS WELL AS our sense of good taste. What is going to be the cause of this mental shift, you may ask. It’s our MINDSET.

In an effort to not be so vague, Your mindset is basically your perspective on life. It’s the way you choose to perceive the world in and around you.

It’s your mindset that controls how you think about food, and it’s your mindset that will ultimately determine whether or not you are successful on your fitness journey or any other endeavor you may pursue. To help find that flow of positivity, in regards to the food choices you make, there are some very effective mental “hacks” that I use for myself and my clients to help cultivate good habits.

These Techniques are very simple, and with stead-fast practice, ,may help you overcome over-indulgence.

Eat foods that make you feel good, and this includes when you are eating delectable foods.
Healthy-nourishing food doesn’t have to taste bad, and food that isn’t necessarily great can still be somewhat beneficial to you.

I suggest your begin the habit of asking yourself two questions anytime you are in a situation where you may be tempted to over-indulge:

1) Will eating this food help me reach my goals?
2) Will eating this food make me feel good after it’s eaten?

By practicing asking these questions, you learn to check in with yourself. Otherwise you may just smell the blood in the water and once again find yourself in a food coma wondering what just happened.

Basically, mindfulness is the goal if it is your desire to achieve freedom from food anxiety.

By checking in with yourself to make sure you’re truly serving your desires, you will no longer feel the need to over-indulge, and you’ll slowly realize that what makes you feel at peace with yourself is mindful self love, otherwise known as discipline.

This concept is not hard to understand, but it will require practice until it becomes an ingratiated habit.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand how to end the downward spiral of over-indulgance and eating mindfully!

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