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8 Mushroom Realizations

I thought I’d share a few realizations that I’ve consistently “come back” with from my experiences with magic mushrooms.

There are higher realizations that one can have but those can’t really be expressed with words.

These are the more manageable, “bite-sized” take aways that have proved useful to me:

1. Be an Empty Slate. Be a nameless Child. Be more of an observer, and less of an expressor. You don’t always have to be the “front man” in every social situation. When you control the words that you speak from your mouth, you’ll be amazed at the words that you say to yourself in your mind.

2. Don’t forget to enjoy all of this. Remember to live and create in a spirit of playfulness.

3. You have access to infinite intelligence. You’re powerful beyond measure. This doesn’t mean that you have to express that power, verbally. The power that can be seen, can be seen even more clearly when you’re not trying to put it on display.

4. Be non-judgemental of other people. Everyone else’s power is equally unique and beautiful.

5. Get out into nature more frequently. Eat less, and less often. Experiment with occasional fasting.

6. Realize and truly appreciate the beauty of your physical body. (Stop judging yourself so harshly.)

7. We only seem to be living in a linear stream of time. In reality, all times are happening around us in the infinite moment of “now”.

8. The wisest thing you can be is to be totally stupid. Mindless.