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The Little Things ARE the Big Things

It’s not that you go to practice everyday, that separates you from the competition.

It’s the little things you do during practice…

Taking care to have slightly better footwork, slightly better body positioning just before receiving the ball, paying attention to your breathing, etc.

These seemingly small things add up to a huge gap between you and the other players.


It’s not the record deal, the number one chart position on Billboard Hot 100, or the headlining show at Red Rocks that you finally booked that you will remember, lucidly and fondly, in the final moments of your life.

It’s the little things…

Holding your lovers hand and laughing on a day you thought you’d forgotten, cooking dinner with her, and goofing off.

The days you let pass by while you had your mind set on some end goal, the days you thought that nothing in particular happened… Those days were everything.