About Lucas

“People tell me I’m a drifter,
Boy, You need to settle down,
Go out and find yourself a woman,
She’ll keep your feet on the ground.
But, I’m livin’ free and easy,
Nobody takin’ that away,
I’ll show her loving in the night time
But I’ll be gone the next day.” – Quote from Lucas’ single, ‘Free And Easy.’

When Lucas was 20 years old, he dropped out of the Pentecostal Christian University he was attending in Texas and hitch-hiked around the country.

With nothing but his acoustic guitar and a few pair of clothes stuffed in his backpack, Lucas made money for food by busking with his original songs on the streets of American cities. He traveled to New Orleans, Minneapolis, Seattle, and many more places taking in the beautiful scenery. He wrote songs and performed them on famous music streets like Beale St. in Memphis, Bourbon st. in New Orleans, and Broadway in Nashville, TN just to name a few.

The response he received made Lucas stop and consider making music his career. He said,” I didn’t expect people, especially folks outside of the south, to enjoy my southern stylings. When I was hitch-hiking and busking, I realized that people crave sincere music. And, it seemed like that’s what I was providing. That’s when I saw that I could do this. I could carve out a niche for my kind of music. So, I journeyed back home and put together a plan to make music my focus”.

Lucas Dalton Ebert is an Country Music Recording Artist/Songwriter. He was born in Texarkana, TX on May 17th, 1989.

“KILLER voice that has glimpses of Stapleton, groovy guitar licks, hard-driven rhythm, a good balance of Americana, singer/songwriter, and southern rock…” – Chris Fox from Texas Music Pickers