Meditation’s Effect On Bodybuilding


Meditation’s Effect On Bodybuilding This article is about meditation, yet it discusses how meditation has actually helped bodybuilders obtain more physical strength (ie: Gains!). Do I have your attention? Meditation is especially important for: Type A personalities, worriers, sleep-deprived individuals, over-eaters, hyper-active guys/gals and the over-worked/under-payed. These are just some[…]

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5 Steps to Awaken The Power of Positivity


Fitness is part physical, part psychological. One could make a very convincing case that the psychological aspect of fitness vastly outweighs the physical part. Of course you’re probably not going to be able to go from couch potato to world class bodybuilder, regardless of mind over matter. I’m also not[…]

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The “Rebound”


The “Rebound” If you have been bodybuilding for a while, I am sure you have seen what has become infamously known as: “the rebound.” You may have witnessed someone go from a shredded work of art, to a soft doughy looking Water Buffalo in a matter of Days. This is[…]

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Quick Tip: Stop Wasting Precious Gym Time!


Quick Tip: Stop Wasting Precious Gym Time! We’ve all heard the old adage, “Time. It’s the one thing you never get back.” But, when you walk in to any gym across America and the world, you would think the people there had never heard that before. I’m not speaking to[…]

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The Importance of “Off” season


The Importance of “Off” season If you’re reading this, then there’s a fair chance you’re every bit as obsessed with exercise and fitness as I am. And, That’s not really a bad thing most of the time. It means you’re probably quite healthy. But it also means that sometimes things[…]

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How To Build A Massive Back


Why is a Massive Back So Rare? The real reason massive backs are so rare is that most bodybuilders fail to grasp the function of the back and never train it properly. The basic function of the lats is to bring the arms down from an overhead position and to[…]

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Beast Mode – Leg Thrashing!


Leg Thrashing I am now in Phase 2 of my “improvement season” training program. I always try and implement program periodization into my training where it’s applicable. Coming right out of competition season, the initial 6 weeks of my off season training program has been all about getting the very[…]

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The 5 Principals of Staying Motivated


It’s easy to get motivated – the difficulty is in staying motivated. Here are five key principles to use to keep yourself motivated for the long term. Few people have trouble getting motivated. You know you need to shed some body fat and add muscle mass. After several weeks, when[…]

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Muscle Building Program – Periodization


Muscle Building Program – Periodization Periodization is the idea that Athletes need to divide their training into several phases. This is usually: -general physical preparation, -sports-specific preparation which is peaking before a competition, -and then a period of rest. The longest period of training is called MACROCYCLE. It is most[…]

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