10 Sacred Muscle Building Foods

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10 Sacred Foods For Building Muscle The lean bulking diet; say what you want about the merits of trying to add pounds of muscle without adding a single ounce of extra bodyfat, but as a personal trainer and nutritional consultant I can tell you one thing: most lean bulking diets[…]

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How Your Thoughts Effect Your Gains!


How Your Thoughts Effect Your Gains! How Thoughts Effect Your Gains Video Thinking About Exercise Can Increase Your Muscle Strength “Imagining an action and doing it require the same motor and sensory programs in the brain.” When translated to real-life scenarios, like playing the piano or exercising, research shows that[…]

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10 Secrets To The Perfect Physique


As a fitness professional I am always striving to learn new things. Increasing my knowledge of training/ programing and Nutrition is at the forefront of my thought most of the time. Still though, in my personal fitness jouney there have been some KEY tips and tricks to that have been[…]

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Final Destination – Leg Day!


This is the Final Destination – Leg Day! I am 9 days out from my bodybuilding competitions this year! I am doing The NPC Texas True Strength Games hosted by Optimum Nutrition and then 1 week later I am doing the NPC Heart of Texas. Today, I am Hitting my[…]

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Blood Flow Restriction Training! (occlusion training)


Blood Flow restriction Training! (occlusion training) Today was Chest and Biceps day! The Ultimate ‘Bro’ workout split! Every once in a while you have to work the SHOW muscles! Being 13 days out from this years first bodybuilding contest, I am doing my fist Blood Flow restriction Training (occlusion training)[…]

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10 Motivational Secrets


“How do I get more motivated?” Outside of “What should I eat?” that’s the number one question I’m asked about getting more results on a diet or exercise program. Almost everyone has up and down days, mentally as well as physically. Fortunately, you can learn how to get motivated instantly,[…]

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INSANE Shoulder/Tricep Blast!


Try this Insane Shoulder/Tricep Blast If your goal is to build a set of Boulder Shoulders the likes of a greek god and mounds of muslce on the back of your arm! Shoulders/Triceps Workout A1. – Smith Machine Behind the Neck Press Set 1: 12 reps Set 2: 6,6,6 (ascending[…]

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9 Tricks To Add Size


10 tricks to add size Building Muscle mass has three components: First, a correct diet strategy. second, intense training and third, supplementation. It’s not rocket science, but there are some tricks to it. To save you the trouble, I’ve complied 9 tricks to add size. 1. Emphasize The Eccentric(lowering) phase[…]

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Twice A Day Training For Fat Loss


Twice a day training is a great way to increase muscular development at an increased rate, while at the same time, largely reducing the need for traditional cardiovascular training. In turn, reducing fat while retaining muscle in a caloric deficit. Today is Back day, so I will give you a[…]

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A Note On Goals


Goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations..They are what Drive us. Our mentors, teachers, and parents teach us early on to choose something we deem worthwhile and believe in it. When I was a child a I wanted to be a firefighter for a little while, then policeman/astronaut/doctor etc.. As I matured I[…]

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