How To Combat Over-Indulgence


We’ve all been there time and time again. We’ve all Over-indulged, and we’ve most likely all felt terrible about it at one point or another. One too many bottles of your favorite adult beverage, and you feel like junk the next day. One pice of pie suddenly turns into eating[…]

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23 Tips To Maximum Motivation

casual run

If there’s ONE thing that’s always true about the science of training, it’s that NOTHING is true 100% of the time for every person. Except this: Something is better than nothing. A healthy exercise habit should blend fun and fitness, and results. That’s where these 23 tips come in. Instead[…]

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The Re-Feed Day: God’s Gift To The Dieter


The Re-Feed Day: God’s Gift To The Dieter If you’re having trouble going from “lean” to “shredded,” then the refeed day might be just what you need. For most of us, the beginning of a diet is an exciting moment. For the first couple of months, it’s usually smooth sailing:[…]

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How To Get the Most Out of Cheat Meals


How To Get the most out of Cheat Meals When it comes to getting fit, diet is the hardest part of fitness. Don’t get me wrong, trudging away on the treadmill before sunrise or squatting your body weight after a hard day of work can be rough, but not giving[…]

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Losing Weight Makes You Fat!


Losing Weight Makes You Fat! Consider the wisdom on weightloss and you’ll soon see that the numbers don’t add up. Unless your job is spent in the ring or on the back of a horse, your weight is actually irrelevant. The numbers on your scales mean as much to your[…]

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Cardio: How Much Is Too Much?


Cardio: How Much Is Too Much? Adding more cardio to your exercise regimen will only help increase your fat loss right? If all else remains equal, the answer is usually yes: more calories burned = bigger calorie deficit = more fat loss. However, if you go overboard with your cardio,[…]

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The Barbell Complex – Hardcore Fat Loss


What Are Barbell Complexes? The Barbell Complex is a series of circuits, usually done with five to seven exercises in each. All of the exercises are done with a weighted barbell. Instead of doing three sets of each exercise as you would in a typical routine, you do one set[…]

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Metabolic Adaptation


Metabolic Adaptation Dr. Layne Norton is primarily responsible for the recent surge in the interest of Metabolic Adaptation, a physiological adaptation that occurs in response to the input you are giving your body – through diet/exercise/ect. If you ever plan on losing fat and then maintaining the physique you worked[…]

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