1. Incorporate the most “bang for your buck” multi-joint lifts such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, and chin-ups in almost every workout 2. Use very short rest periods (10 to 60 seconds) to trigger the greatest metabolic disturbance with a high lactate and growth hormone response. 3. Use Various Tempos[…]

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5 Best Supplements For A Tighter Waist


Being a personal Trainer, I get asked frequently about which supplements are best to take to improve body composition. I find it is important for me to always try and communicate to my clients and friends that achieving that athletic look is more about proper nutrition and smart training and[…]

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10 Best Fitness Websites/Blogs


10 Best Fitness Websites I get a lot of questions like, “what’s the best supplement to take to lose fat/build muscle?”, “What’s does does an optimal fat loss/muscle building diet look like for a person my age/gender?”, and “How many reps should I do when my goal is to lose[…]

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10 Motivational Secrets


“How do I get more motivated?” Outside of “What should I eat?” that’s the number one question I’m asked about getting more results on a diet or exercise program. Almost everyone has up and down days, mentally as well as physically. Fortunately, you can learn how to get motivated instantly,[…]

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The Ultimate Fat Loss Workout!


The Ultimate Fat loss Workout! This year has been a year of discovering new ways of optimizing training for fat loss for me. As a bodybuilder my quest is obviously to add more muscle mass to my frame and lose body fat. I’ve taken many different approaches on this journey.[…]

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Twice A Day Training For Fat Loss


Twice a day training is a great way to increase muscular development at an increased rate, while at the same time, largely reducing the need for traditional cardiovascular training. In turn, reducing fat while retaining muscle in a caloric deficit. Today is Back day, so I will give you a[…]

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10 Fat Loss Secrets


Fat Loss can be difficult. At times seemingly impossible! With the plethora of bad information out there it’s easy to understand why! Here are 10 of the best, no bull, Time tested, research-proven methods to kick start your fat loss and keep it coming off! 1. Resistance Training is your[…]

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5 Tips to Stay Lean During Thanksgiving!


5 Tips to Stay Lean During Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving; possibly the single most fat loss goal de-railing meal of the year! Christmas may be a close 2nd since you have all of those delicious chocolate treats to graze on for days before hand. But, thanksgiving is trademarked by the meal alone.[…]

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Carb Cycling – How To


Carb Cycling – How To Carbohydrate intake can be one of the biggest variables when it comes to dieting. Most people have negatively ‘metabolically adapted’ by eating way too many high glycemic carbs. This leads to metabolic down-regulation and increased insulin resistnace which causes fat gain. The solution? Carb Cycling.[…]

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Metabolic Adaptation (mix it up)

Metabolic adaptation (mix it up) Were in an age where Scientific study trumps all else. The so called “Bro Science” of the 70’s is no longer sufficient for satisfying the curiosity of the average person looking to get lean and mean. We need solid scientific evidence to support the theories[…]

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