10 Reasons to Lift Heavy Weights


#1 Weights Change Your Body Composition The best way to develop a lean physique is by dieting and weight training together. Whether you say your goal is to get “cut,” “big,” or “toned,” lifting weights and eating a clean diet is the easiest way to achieve that. #2 Weight Training[…]

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Post Workout “Window” of Opportunity


Post Workout “Window” of Opportunity In the improvement season, one of the most important aspects of making continual gains is utilizing the the post workout “window” of opportunity. Perhaps taking advantage of this “window” of opportunity is the most important part off the Lean Muscle Gaining phase in the quest[…]

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The Bulking Myth!


The Bulking Myth How Much Muscle Can We Really Build? The average trainee has unrealistic expectations when it comes to building muscle. I can’t state a precise number, but the average gym goer believes that gaining twenty pounds of muscle in three months is ”normal.” Normally I am an advocate[…]

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How To Build HUGE Guns!


How To Build HUGE Guns! If your dream is building an impressive pair of guns, then this program might be just what you’ve been looking for. First off, let’s review the rules of specialization training: 1. Train no more than 5 total times per week. 2. Reduce the amount of[…]

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Muscle Building Program – Periodization


Muscle Building Program – Periodization Periodization is the idea that Athletes need to divide their training into several phases. This is usually: -general physical preparation, -sports-specific preparation which is peaking before a competition, -and then a period of rest. The longest period of training is called MACROCYCLE. It is most[…]

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Pre Workout Nutrition for Size Gains


Pre Workout Nutrition for Size Gains Anyone who’s been training in the gym consistently (6 months or longer) will tell you that not every workout is the BEST workout they’ve ever had. Some days they get a skin splitting, almost painful muscle pump, other days they feel like they’ve done[…]

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10 Secrets To The Perfect Physique


As a fitness professional I am always striving to learn new things. Increasing my knowledge of training/ programing and Nutrition is at the forefront of my thought most of the time. Still though, in my personal fitness jouney there have been some KEY tips and tricks to that have been[…]

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Blood Flow Restriction Training! (occlusion training)


Blood Flow restriction Training! (occlusion training) Today was Chest and Biceps day! The Ultimate ‘Bro’ workout split! Every once in a while you have to work the SHOW muscles! Being 13 days out from this years first bodybuilding contest, I am doing my fist Blood Flow restriction Training (occlusion training)[…]

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INSANE Shoulder/Tricep Blast!


Try this Insane Shoulder/Tricep Blast If your goal is to build a set of Boulder Shoulders the likes of a greek god and mounds of muslce on the back of your arm! Shoulders/Triceps Workout A1. – Smith Machine Behind the Neck Press Set 1: 12 reps Set 2: 6,6,6 (ascending[…]

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Pop A Squat!


Pop A squat and fill out those summer shorts with this Short but intense Leg Exercise centered around, you guessed it, SQUATS! Squats are the holy grail of leg and booty building exercises. If your leg days don’t include at least some version of the squat then my guess is[…]

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