9 Tricks To Add Size


10 tricks to add size Building Muscle mass has three components: First, a correct diet strategy. second, intense training and third, supplementation. It’s not rocket science, but there are some tricks to it. To save you the trouble, I’ve complied 9 tricks to add size. 1. Emphasize The Eccentric(lowering) phase[…]

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Twice A Day Training For Fat Loss


Twice a day training is a great way to increase muscular development at an increased rate, while at the same time, largely reducing the need for traditional cardiovascular training. In turn, reducing fat while retaining muscle in a caloric deficit. Today is Back day, so I will give you a[…]

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Leg Day Wednesday’s #7

Sorry for the Lateness of this post guys and gals! My computer was down for a couple of days! Nonetheless, Here is Leg Day Wednesday #7 for all you crazy folks who are a glutton for punishment! It has been brought to my attention that, much like other bodybuilders, I[…]

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Leg Day Wednesday #6

LEG DAY WEDNESDAY – WEEK#6 A. – Back Squats 2 warm-up sets Set 1: 15 reps,60 secs rest Set 2: 12 reps, 60 secs rest Set 3: 10 reps, 60 secs rest Set 4: 6, 6, 6, 6 ( Drop-set ) 90 secs rest Set 5: 6,6,6 (Ascending Set) B.[…]

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Leg Day Wednesday #5

Leg Day Wednesday #5 This week we’re continuing with the idea of cutting down our rest periods for MAXIMAL muscle hypertrophy, by decreasing rest AND adding in more reps per set! You’ll also get the added benefit of blasting fat! This one’s really HIGH VOLUME so make sure you eat[…]

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Leg Day Wednesday #4


Leg Day Wednesday #4 Decreasing rest peroids between sets this week to up the intensity! This is just the beginning! Leg Day Wednesday – Workout #4: A. – Leg Extensions 4 sets X 10-12 rep MAX ( Quadruple drop set on final set by about 25% decrease in weight with[…]

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Leg Day Wednesday #3

Leg Day Wednesday #3 To have made it this far speaks volumes! It means you’re part of the elite few who have not only the ability, but the COURAGE to get EXTRA large! Good job! From here on out, there’s no more messing around! Get ready for massive gains!!! This[…]

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Leg Day Wednesday #2

Leg Day Wednesday # 2 Welcome to the second installment of Leg Day Wednesdays! If you’re here, that means you’ve hobbled your way through last weeks Post workout DOMS(delayed onset muscle soreness) and came back for more! Congratulations! The next few Wednesday Leg Days we will focus on decreasing rest[…]

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Leg Day! Those two words have been the cause of fear and trepidation in the hearts and minds of those seeking a well developed body everywhere!In fact, most people you see in the gym just skip leg day altogether. There are many excuses for this but the main reason is[…]

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Metabolic Adaptation (mix it up)

Metabolic adaptation (mix it up) Were in an age where Scientific study trumps all else. The so called “Bro Science” of the 70’s is no longer sufficient for satisfying the curiosity of the average person looking to get lean and mean. We need solid scientific evidence to support the theories[…]

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